Eke and Ernie

Say hello to the latest little rascals to join our farm!

We've been cat-less since we had to put Dusty down this past spring. My mom has been cuddling these two little guys for months getting them ready for us.

They're living out in the old milk house right now until they learn where home is. We're hoping they like mice because we've had a bit of a problem since the temperatures dipped.

Christian says that I shouldn't name barn cats because their mortality rate is so high but I just can't help myself. I've been naming our cats in alphabetical order. Since we had Dusty, a "D", last year this year's kittens have "E" names. Ernie is on the left and Eke on the right. What cuties!


Adrian Cotter said…
wow they are super cute!
Amy Powell said…
oh so cute!!! I love kittens :)
coffeeaddict said…
Adorable little fur dumplings :-) those noses were made for kissing!

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