Why I'm Not Looking Forward to Thanksgiving Dinner

I'm on a new "diet" and it's not to lose weight. Let me explain. 

After many other tests and dealing with pain in my appendix area since April of 2012, in May I had a capsule endoscopy - I swallowed a pill camera that took pictures of my gastro-intestinal tract. The results: inflammation throughout my small and large intestines. 

My gastroenterologist said that I have Crohn's Disease and that I would have to take steroids and a bunch of other meds for the rest of my life to control the disease (there is no cure). I don't agree with the Crohn's diagnosis because I don't have any of the other typical symptoms of Crohn's except for the inflammation. Along with pain in my appendix area, I had pain in my hands and up the sides of my lower back. I researched different ways to control Crohn's thru diet but my Dr. wasn't willing to offer me any guidance or support in trying those methods. Besides, like I said before, I didn't think I even HAD Crohn's.

So, I decided to see a clinical nutritionist and have the Alcat test done. In a nutshell, The Alcat test introduces things into your blood cells (in a lab) to see how they react. Over 300 foods were tested along with a bunch of other things. My cells responded a lot, a little or not at all to those items and I was given a report. This is my report. (click to enlarge)

I have to avoid all foods in the yellow column for 3 months then I can try to reintroduce them into my diet. The orange and red columns I have to avoid for 6 months. The thinking is that white blood cells regenerate completely every 3 months. If you remove the things that are attacking your cells, your cells can build back up and create a healthy body once again. I'm also taking probiotics to restore the good bacteria in my intestines along with a vitamin to help rebuild the lining. 

Will this work? Time will tell. I've only been on the restrictive diet now for 1 month but my hands don't hurt anymore. Hopefully it's not a fluke. 

The diet is really challenging because I can't have any processed food, bread, dairy, chocolate, beer, etc. Thanksgiving dinner is going to be very challenging: no mashed potatoes (milk), no gravy (flour), no pie, no green beans, no dressing etc. I can have turkey though and I'm bringing along a side dish that is practically a meal in itself. Still, I haven't been craving foods unless I see them so it's going to be hard to sit in front of a table of forbidden fruit. I'm not looking forward to it.

Update: A photo of me pouting at Thanksgiving because I couldn't eat any of the delicious food. Despite that, I still had a nice holiday.


Amy Powell said…
sorry to hear you've been in pain. but so glad you're trying out a nutritionist approach to healing yourself. best of luck!

and have a great Thanksgiving, even with the limited diet :)
Kathy said…
Kelly, I know the frustration of needing to alter your diet for medical (not weight) reasons. The hardest thing I have had to give up is COFFEE. Oh my, it still gives me the shakes sometimes when I think about how much I miss it! I have to had to give up many acidic foods and drinks as well. It has been a challenge, but I have seen improvement in my symptoms. I hope that you continue to see improvement as well. Happy turkey day tomorrow! Looks like you can eat sweet potatoes as well! :-)

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