Free Turndown Service

Every morning I make the bed by pulling the comforter up over the pillows. Buster likes to snuggle up to the pillows and nap while we're not in bed so this keeps the hair off of our pillows. Gross, I know. But that's life with a spoiled dog. This strategy worked for us until Winston came along. In his former life Winston must have worked in a hotel because every night we receive turndown service. He pulls the comforter and the top sheet down so he can lay in the bed. We haven't caught him in the act, yet, but every night it's the same story. The dirty dog!


Adrian Cotter said…
now if you can only train him to make the bed in the morning :)
coffeeaddict said…
Awww! I know, I know, lots of hair and maybe even bits of dirt from the paws make it on your sheets, but compared to the millions of bed bugs you share your bed with, at least cats and dogs make you feel warm and cosy ;-)
flyingjen said…
OK, that's funny! Our smaller dog lays at the foot of the bed. It's the cats that burrow down under the covers to sleep where it's warm.
emily anderson said…
Kelly I can't find your email address but I need you to email me because you won my giveaway last week.
Thank you!
Amy Powell said…
life with a dog sounds like an interesting affair.

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