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Three Year Wedding Anniversary

" be my constant friend, and my faithful partner from this day forward. Before our family, I vow to be with you, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow."

"I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live."

Marriage is anything but easy but going through life with this guy by my side is pretty awesome.

On Our Menu: August 26 - September 2

Can you believe that we're in the last week of August? Whew. Times flies when you're having fun! This week Christian and I are celebrating our 3-year wedding anniversary. I feel like we've know each other forever and that our wedding was so long ago yet, at the same time, I can't believe that we've been married 3 years already. Do you ever feel like that? 

Last week I made a Cherry, Wild Rice & Quinoa Salad that tasted like autumn in a bowl. I didn't used celery because I don't like raw celery and for the "fruity vinegar" I used apple cider vinegar. I think red wine vinegar would be good too. While making this recipe I realized that I really need a cherry pitter. Good thing my birthday is coming up!

We're in another hot spell so I'm making good use of the grill this week.

Thursday Wake-Up

August 22nd, 2013 at 6:04AM.

On Our Menu: August 19 - 25

This week is supposed to be close to 90 degrees everyday so most of our meals will be made on the grill since we don't have air conditioning. I borrowed this awesome book from the library so I be cooking a lot of panini on the grill. 

Last week we had panini with Granny Smith apples, brie, thyme, and spinach and they were delicious. I can't wait to try some of the other recipes.

Birthday Beer Boat Tour

Instead of gifts, Christian and I take each other on a surprise adventure for our birthdays. We never tell each other where we're going - just what to wear and what to pack. (In past years I've taken him to a water park, biking on the Elroy-Sparta trail, go-karting and a demolition derby, zip lining, etc.) This year for Christian's birthday I told him we needed to leave home at 6pm and it wouldn't be strenuous and he didn't need to bring anything. 

I enjoy hearing what Christian thinks we are going to do but this year he was tight-lipped. He said he would tell me when we got there if he guessed correctly. I had planned for us to take an evening boat ride on the Chain of Lakes. Central Waters Brewery hosted the excursion and I also invited a few of his friends and my brother to join us.

As we arrived at Clearwater Harbor he saw a guy standing on the curb with a sign that said, 

Clearwater Harbor Parking ------->  Central Waters Event  
We parked the car and got our ti…

Tornado Destruction

Last Tuesday night, close to midnight, our weather scanner went off to alert us of a severe thunderstorm. Not 5 minutes later the wind started slamming our house. The storm passed quickly but at 12:20 the weather radio went off again for the towns to the east. 85 mph winds were predicted. 

When I woke up in the morning, we only had one tiny branch that fell out of the tree. I thought for sure our corn would be flattened but our property was unscathed. 

Christian called to tell me that he heard that much of Appleton (where I work) was out of power. I decided to drive in to work anyways. During my commute as I approached the small town of Hortonville is when I really started to see some damage. Trees were laying everywhere, a few barns were flattened, silos were knocked down... I had never seen destruction like it. 

An eerie fog lay over the dark streets of the town. A path just wide enough for my car had been cleared through the road. My grandparents, who are in their mid-80's, live n…

Yarn Along: Cooked Blind

I'm linking up with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

Knitting: Blind KAL with The Copper Llama
This is my first blind knit-along and I love the trust and confidence that you have to have when doing something like this. I often find myself wanting to look at a picture to see if I'm doing it right but there is no picture! As soon as I cast on I knew it was going to be a fingerless mitt. In the next row I'll be knitting in some beads which will be a first for me.
Yarn: Cascade Sunseeker in Colorway 09 Deep Teal

Reading: Practically Raw Desserts, Cooked, and Comfort Food
Hmmmm, do we see a theme here? LOL. I'm trying to get away from refined sugar so the Raw book has some great recipes for sweets that use natural sweeteners. I'm only 2 discs into the Cooked audiobook and so far I enjoy it. Pollan is learning how to BBQ a whole pig and talks about how cooked meals bring people together. In Comfort Food, the main character is an older celebrity chef that is having to rei…

On Our Menu: August 5 - 11

I've been having problems with my innards (inflammation everywhere) so meals were void of processed food and refined sugar for 2 whole weeks. I thought maybe that would help. It didn't. So, last night we went out for pizza. Boy, do I love pizza. 

My gastroenterologist says that I have Crohn's Disease. I don't buy it. I have inflammation in my intestines but no other classic symptoms of Crohn's. He wants to put me on steroids. That's not really an option for me. I think I can manage it thru diet. He says I'm in denial. Whatever. I haven't come up with a new plan yet. I think I'll try no dairy for 2 weeks. Then after that, who knows. Maybe I'll try the Simple Carb Diet but, for someone who loves food as much as I do, that one is going to be really, really tough. Basically, all that you can eat is fresh meat, fruits and veggies. Hard.

During the past 2 weeks of no processed food we ate a lot of fresh veggies. Two of my favorite meals during that time…

SW WI Beer and Cheese Tour - Day 5

We started the final day of our vacation off with a hearty country breakfast. Dave and Donna of the Little House on the Farm B&B delivered quite the spread! I loved the handwritten menu.

Egg & Potato Skillet made with farm fresh eggs. Maple-Glazed Seasoned Pork Patties (locally raised meat). Puff Pancakes served with pure maple syrup from nearby Green's Sugar Bush. Fresh Fruit. Fresh Squeezed OJ. Milk - locally produced & processed. And coffee. 

What a feast! The puff pancakes were my favorite.

After stuffing ourselves silly we started the long drive back home. Our route took us right past Cave of the Mounds so we decided to stop for a cave tour. I toured the caves when I was little, but in all honesty, I didn't remember anything. 

This area was called the Narrows and the path got very tight. I loved it!

Aren't caves weird? The formations and colors made me feel like I was in the stomach of some ancient creature.

The tour was well worth the stop except for the 2 scre…