Yarn Along: Stella Cuff

I'm linking up with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

Knitting: Boot Cuffs
Last winter I participated in a craft exchange with a few of Christian's relatives. Two of his cousins and I decided to do the exchange again this winter. Alyssa requested boot cuffs and since I've been wanting to knit some for myself, I happily obliged. 
Pattern: Basic Boot Cuff by Mindy Lewis (free on Rav)
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash

Reading: Stella Bain by Anita Shreve
This book is all over the media these days so I was thrilled when I spotted it on my little library's "New Books" shelf. A woman wakes up in a hospital in France during the early 1900s with no idea who she is. Slowly, she starts to piece together little tidbits of her life. So far it's a very compelling read!

FO: Pashmina Cowl
This was a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, Molly. I've knit this cowl before in a totally different kind of yarn. I wish I would have left a note on the pattern not to cast on so many stitches. I tend to like my cowls a little tighter to the neck but Molly seemed to like it so I guess it worked out just fine.
Pattern: Pashmina Cowl by Joelle Hoverson
Yarn: No idea!

FO: Drop Stitch Cowl (Two of them!)
I knit two of these cowls in the exact same color. More Christmas gifts - one for my sister-in-law, Dayna and the other for my brother's new wife, Tonya. I may just have to knit another one for myself. Super fast knit - I finished one in an afternoon. Like the aforementioned cowl, I would not cast on so many stitches the next time. (PS - Boy, do I look tired in this picture. Must have been holiday stress!)
Pattern: Drop Stitch Cowl by Abi Gregorio (free on Rav)
Yarn: Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in Colorway 2203

What are you knitting/reading this week?


Karen Sue said…
I love the Drop Stitch Cowl. I got Yarn for one and my daughter picked it up and knit it, so I got another and she co that one and stopped. I need to either push that or rewind the yarn and take the needle back to make a different one for me...finally! Yours is great. And the other cowl...I'm so into them lately. And now thinking those boot cuffs would be awesome for several people. My boots are slicks on the bottom, so not needing any for me for awhile! I sometimes just start making lists of books to read and I need a new list for this year. Might have to include this one. Thanks for posting!
flyingjen said…
I like Anita Shreve and have some on my "to be read" bookshelf. I'll have to look for this one at my library. Great cowls. You've done a lot of knitting for the holidays!
fjord girl said…
Lovely cowls Kelly- both, look so cozy.
Beautiful pictures of you.
Cathie J said…
Great cowls. I love the colors.
scmom (Barbara) said…
I'm reading the same book. I think I've read all of Anita Shreve's books.

Those boot cuffs are a clever idea!
steph said…
i've been waiting for that book to come to our library….i usually love shreve's stories; this one sounds intriguing.

great cowls!!!
Kathy said…
I'm thrilled to find out that Anita Shreve has a new book out! Somehow I missed that. And I just started learning how to knit, so I'm in awe of your projects. I'm such a left handed dominant person that I really could only learn knitting if I did it left handed. The challenge will come, I've been told, in transposing patterns. For now, I'm just making little rugs for all my friends who have daughters with doll houses! :-) That's a project I can manage for now.
karen said…
That cowl looks extra cozy and squishy! I bet it is warm and was a speedy knit-instant gratification is the best!!

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