Refinished Floors

I mentioned last week that we ripped the carpet out of the living room and found hardwood floors underneath. Christian's friend refinishes floors so we had him come out to look at what we found. Turns out it's Birdseye Maple which you can't buy these days and is, therefore, worth a nice chunk of change. What a surprise! I wanted to stain the floors darker but, apparently, you don't stain that type of wood because it will come out blotchy. Knowing that I was okay with keeping the floors au natural. So yesterday we went to work and when we came home, we had gorgeous new floors. Check out the before and after shots!

We had the dining room floor buffed and sealed at the same time. Why not?

The guys cleaned up the transition by laying a few new pieces of maple. These will eventually turn the same honey color as the dining room as the wood ages.

Next up: Installing new trim boards! Christian is going to tackle that project himself.


Gary Krupka said…
Your father thinks that it's a big improvement. Looks very good in the picture.
coffeeaddict said…
Gorgeous! I love that you've decided against darkening the wood, the original colour is really something special. And the thought that the wood will acquire patina over time makes it even more personal.
Sally Anderson said…
Hi Kelly! I love your new floors. My grandmother had a lot of birds eye maple furniture which gave me a love for it early on but I had no idea it was used for flooring! Lucky you.

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