Utah Vacation: Zion National Park - Angels Landing

Back in October Christian and I ran away for two weeks of adventure in the gorgeous state of Utah. I'd like to share some highlights from that trip because it really is a beautiful place.

After our full day of canyoneering my body was pretty wiped out. What better way to relax than to tackle Angels Landing! LOL. From Zion's Hiking Guide:

Yep - a nice relaxing hike: 1,488 feet of elevation gain in 5.4 miles! We hiked Angels in December of 2006 so we knew what we were getting into. Angels Landing is the premier hike in Zion National Park. A must-do. So, we knew we wanted to hike it again, despite how badly my knees shook the last time. There are some scary drop-offs on that hike but the scenery is awesome.

Walter's Wiggles - a tight series of switchbacks
The trail follows the knife edge to the top of that chunk of rock.
Look closely and you can see people making their way up.

See the tiny bus on the road?
We made it!
The view from the top.
Compared to hiking in December, there was a ton of people on the trail. We often had to wait for people to pass on the chained sections. Also, many people were on their cell phones at the top. Talk about annoying. We go on vacation to get away from all that crap. I noticed that I wasn't as scared along the trail as I was the last time. Perhaps because I knew what was coming? In any case, it was still a really cool and thrilling hike.

Up next on our vacation: An overnight in the Narrows.

PS - The sunsets in Zion were quick but amazing!


amanda said…
oh how fun! I met my husband in college and we drove across country the following summer- Zion (and particularly, the Angel's Landing trail) was one of the highlights from our 6 week trip! I have the same little bit from the hiking guide cut out in a scrapbook, and photos of us (we look like babies) in some of the same spots along the trail....... ah, memory lane.

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