When one thing leads to another...

The carpet in our living room is nasty. I think the previous owners did not know how to use spot cleaner or just didn't care. Well, last weekend we bought a pellet stove to go in our living room. I told Christian that at the very least we were going to get the carpet professionally cleaned before the stove is installed. So, we had the carpet cleaned but, just as I was expecting, it didn't make much difference. This led to a discussion about whether there is hardwood floor underneath the carpet, ripping the carpet out, replacing the carpet, etc. On Friday night I made the call. We would rip the carpet out. If we found hardwood under there that is in decent shape, we would refinish the floors. If there wasn't hardwood, we would put new carpet in even though we both don't really care for carpet. And so the fun began.

And what did we find? Hardwood floors!

The wood is in very good shape but, for some reason, the morons that painted the walls did not fully cover the floor so that white block in the middle is paint. It also looks like they started refinishing the floors and then just gave up. They are ruff-sanded but unfinished. Very interesting. So, we're going to have a hardwood floor in our living room. Woohoo! Luckily we have more than 2 weeks before the stove is installed.


Kathy said…
What a pleasant surprise! I don't envy the mess that will come with refinishing…but your finished results will be beautiful!
coffeeaddict said…
What a treasure trove! I love hardwood floors: soft to walk, warm, durable and a breeze to clean! My dream home would have nothing but hardwood floor except in bathrooms and entrance areas :-)

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