Lately: Early April Edition

The new pellet stove has been busy cranking out heat. I love how warm the living room is but the other end of the house is very cold now.

Since we are putting new trim up in the dining and living rooms after having the floors refinished, I decided to paint the dining room. This is the "before" picture but it's basically the same color - just minus the holes and dirt from the previous owners.

Winston got a weird growth on his snout that grew scary-fast. 

The vet thinks he got bit by a spider or stung by something, had an allergic reaction, and then got a bacterial infection in the bite. He was on a round a antibiotics and the bump has since gone down and appears to be healing. Still gross looking...

The snow is ALMOST gone but the weather continues to be below normal. I still haven't even thought about planning our garden. Usually I have a few flats of seeds started by now.

These two trouble-makers made it through the winter. After spending the last few months in the milk house, they found out how to get out of the barn and now like to sit by the back door and wait for someone to come out so they can climb up your leg or walk slowly in front of you so you accidentally kick them. Cats...

The solar panels have been adjusted to their summer angle - almost completely flat. Last month the power company paid us instead of us paying them. Nice!

What's happening in your neck of the woods?


karen said…
so glad that your pup is okay, that was one crazy bite!! poor guy :( love the two kittens and I bet they'll be around forever waiting for a lap or crack into the house!!
coffeeaddict said…
Nice to see what you guys are up to! I'm glad to read Winston's snout is healing :-)

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