Garden Update: July 20th, 2014

What a difference a month can make!

The garden actually looks like a garden right now. 

The only thing I've been harvesting so far is basil, peas, lettuce and a zucchini about every 3 days. Those plants are prolific, aren't they?

A zucchini a day keeps the doctor away...

The green beans are almost ready as well as the onions and garlic. I spied a few green tomatoes hiding in the foliage but the pepper plants are still tiny due to the cold nights we had a week ago. 

The strawberries didn't do very well this year and I've been fighting an invasion of nasty prickers that I just can't get rid of. 

The strawberry patch - what a mess!

These are the prickers that I've been fighting. Does anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them?! They have an extensive root system that makes them impossible to eradicate.

Since I don't know what else to do, I've decided to spray the strawberries and kill everything in that area and start over next year. I don't think I will plant strawberries there again. It's just too much work weeding them throughout the summer for very little reward in the spring. 

And to leave you with something a little nicer than a nasty pricker plant, here's one of the pretty cosmos that I have growing in the veggie garden to attract beneficial insects.


karen said…
wow that is impressive! We haven't harvested a single vegetable but soon, very very soon we will have cucumbers and tomatoes...
Paula said…
Those look like sow thistles. Good luck trying to get rid of those. Colin has them in the fields all the time. Sorry.

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