I should have kept my mouth shut...

A few weeks ago I was remarking on how our current two dogs don't roll in stinky stuff very often. Well, Winston must have heard me because he rolled in dead fish during our walk on Monday night. I could smell him from 20 feet away that's how bad it was. Time for a bath! Thankfully it was warm enough to bath him in the driveway. That's so much easier than fighting with him in the bathroom. Winston has a double coat so he takes almost a whole day to dry. Since bedtime was in two hours, I decided to try blowdrying him out on the deck. And you know what? He liked it!


Adrian Cotter said…
You all have a lot of dead fish to roll around in? :)
What an instinct dogs have!
Once it's all said and done, this story is adorable!
Kathy said…
I have to blow dry my golden retriever when I bathe her in the winter time...she doesn't like it! She's been killing baby bunnies recently and rolling in them, so a bath is definitely in order! I'm mad at her, by the way, for doing that. I know bunnies destroy gardens, but I don't have one! So I enjoy watching them.

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