Lately: Early July Edition

The weather feels more like fall than summer. Cold nights and stormy days with a lot of really cool clouds. Hopefully summer isn't over already!

We bought a Prius a few weeks ago and I've been averaging 58 mpg. AWESOME! I was spending almost $300/month on gas with my old car. Not anymore!

I'm brewing my first batch of kombucha. I blame my mom for getting me into this. Hopefully the stuff helps keep my gut in check because I've been doing really well since I finished the Alcat test. 

Christian and I took a quick 3-day trip to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the U.P. That Big Blue Lake always blows me away with her beauty. The skeeters were bad and the trip was too short but it still felt great to get away.

What's happening in your neck of the woods?


karen said…
I lived in the UP for three years in the early 1990's. Loved it immensely while I was there! Congrats on the new car and the money saving :)
"I heard he's got a Prius, cause he's into being green." LOL! One of my favorite songs!
What in the heck is kombucha?
Pictured Rocks looks gorgeous!

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