Yarn Along: Major Homesocks

I'm linking up with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

Knitting: Homesocks & A Mystery Gift
I'm still working on a surprise gift (in the yellow yarn) but I started a new project as well. (Like I need yet another knitting project!) Starting the homesocks kind of happened by mistake. I went to my LYS last Friday for an afternoon of knitting. I finished the Cowboy Cowl (pictured below) way faster than I anticipated and didn't bring another project to work on. I had the needles and the pattern with me to knit the homesocks so I just bought some more yarn and hopped to it.
Pattern: R0082 Alaska Color Homesocks by Regia Design Team (free on Rav)

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Gina in Colorway Autumn

Reading: Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson
I'm ready to give up on this book. 60 pages in and I'm still not hooked. Too many other things I want to read to stick with something that I don't really want to.

FO: Cowboy Cowl
I'm participating in a blogger swap and I wanted to knit something for my swap partner. She doesn't know who her partner is so I think I'm safe posting about it here. Through a little digging on her blog, I found out that her favorite color is purple. Lucky for her, I found this yarn a few months ago and bought it without knowing what I would make with it. I've had the pattern in my binder for some time thinking that it would be perfect for handspun slub yarn. The Jazz yarn is just like slub yarn! The cowl is knit flat and then you just sew a button onto one corner and push it through the knitting to connect the two ends. I knit until all of the yarn was gone and I think the cowl turned out the perfect size. I hope my swap partner likes it! I plan on putting it in the mail next week.
Pattern: Cowboy/Bandit Cowl by The Gauge Wars (free)
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Jazz in Colorway Shade

What are you knitting/reading this week?


fjord girl said…
Love the cowl- I use mine all the time. Your yarns and knits are so pretty can't wait to see them finished- will check out that sock pattern.
Enjoy knitting.
Lea Lacoste said…
love that secret yellow knit, definitely one of my favorite colorway!
flyingjen said…
The yellow is gorgeous! The recipient is very lucky. As is your blog swap partner!
steph said…
that secret yellow knit is a real winner----whatever it is?! It's really pretty.
karen said…
Love your mystery knit, my kind of colors. If you're not into the book I say drop it! Good luck finding the read to replace it.
Lisa.s said…
Love that cowl! I wish I were your swap partner ;) I
CathieJ said…
What a pretty cowl. I love the yarn.
sally said…

What a lovely cowl, so pretty!
Lovely wips too.

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