Garden Harvest - August 3, 2014

The garden is in that fun stage where the veggies are growing faster than the weeds. I really enjoy supplementing our meals with stuff plucked straight from the garden. That sure makes all the hard work worth it!

The beans have been going gangbusters. I picked a huge basketful a few days ago and then another large colander yesterday. I froze most, shared some, and also had a few with dinner last night. Now I know why they're called "Provider" Bush Beans.

Yesterday I also picked our first two red tomatoes, our first onion, two more zucchinis that I happily gave away to my mom, and our first cucumbers. Christian demanded pickles so I'll be trying out this recipe mainly because it's so easy.

I spied these four caterpillars chomping away on my celery. Aren't they pretty? And the really cool part - when you touch them, orange horns pop out of their heads! Even though they're pretty, I wasn't too keen on them destroying my celery so I plucked them off and tossed them in the compost bin. Later in the day my parents came out for a visit and my mom identified them as swallowtail butterfly caterpillars. Next thing I knew, I was crawling into the compost bin to retrieve them so my mom could take them home! I was scolded for "throwing them away." How was I to know?


Alan Lawrence said…
At least you had made the decision to let the caterpillars live; you just wanted to move them.

I remember years ago seeing all those tent caterpillars on your trees. I wanted to kill a nest, in an attempt to save the forest, but you recalled that even these pests have a purpose. In small numbers they are not problems.
karen said…
your garden looks bountiful! neat to find those caterpillars :)
Kathy said…
Your produce looks beautiful! We had some garden fresh green beans tonight, made the slow-cooked southern way (with bacon grease too!), along with some fried potatoes. I don't have a garden, but I'm blessed to know people who enjoy sharing from theirs! :-)

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