Lately: Late August Edition

A few weeks ago I harvested our first garlic from the garden. It's now curing on a fancy screen Christian found in the loft of the shed. Very exciting!

Last week we went to an interesting little tool-shed-turned-music-venue in Green Bay to see Christian's cousin, Mandy Fer, play. She's been on a tour with Dave McGraw and this was the first time we got to see her perform. We had so much fun. Dave & Mandy have a kickstarter campaign going right now to fund their next album. Check it out!

Last weekend we went to Christian's cousin Kyle's wedding at a fancy hunting club near Johnson Creek, WI where I wore the shortest dress I've ever worn out in public. (I prefer knee-length or longer.) On the drive there we followed Siri's directions. She took us into the back hunting fields and told us we would have to walk to our destination. Um, no. Public service announcement: don't always trust your GPS!

And, just because he has a cute smile, here's Winston.

What have you been up to lately?


karen said…
I love winston! I've been enjoying the silence now that the kids are at their new apts. Weird but a good weird. And knitting like a mad woman :) Lovely photo of you two and you must have been in the middle of nowhere for directions to be off!
Bobbie in Anchorage said…
I've been reading your blog for quite awhile and never commented until now. Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer were in our hometown in February opening for Iron & Wine. We loved them so much, we bought their CD and became instant fans! They are truly wonderful. What a small world, thanks for the link.

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