When life gives you bad beer, make bread!

No matter how bad it tastes, I just can't bring myself to dump a bad beer down the drain. We've had some gross beer hanging out in the back of our fridge for longer than I care to admit. I needed to make room for Octoberfest beer (my fav!) so I decided to finally do something with the bad stuff. 

I tried out a new-to-me Gluten-Free Beer Bread recipe and I couldn't believe how great the loaf turned out. Check out this beauty!

Super moist and not at all dense or crumbly like so many gluten-free breads turn out. This is a great sandwich bread. (I added 1 Tbsp. of yeast to the mix and didn't use the milk and poppy seeds on top.)

Next time you have bad beer lurking in your fridge, think twice about sending it down the drain. Make something yummy instead!


CraftyHope said…
Great idea! Thanks for the recipe and the tip. . .now are you going to share ;)

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