Yarn Along: 2014 Knitting Recap

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In this new year I wanted to take a look back at the knitting projects I finished in 2014. Sometimes it feels like I'm not getting anything done but I completed 21 knits last year. I'm kind of impressed! Of course, most of the knits are just little things but that's okay.

Favorite Knit Gift: Booties for Noah

These booties for my cousin's baby were kind of an afterthought. I had some yarn leftover from leg warmers that I knit for Noah but not enough to complete both booties. So, I added in another yarn from my stash. I just think they're so cute! They remind me of moccasins. 

Hardest Knit: Follow Your Arrow Shawl

This knit was a challenge for me. I had to watch numerous YouTube videos on how to do certain things in this pattern. And the time that I put into this knit, whew! Parts of the shawl took me 45 minutes to knit 1 ROW! But, I'm really happy that I stuck with it. Out of everything that I've ever knit, I think this shawl is the knit that I am the most proud of.

Most Worn Knit: Shoulder Cape

Wearing this shoulder cape is like walking around with a blanket wrapped around you. It adds so much warmth which is greatly needed for our frigid Wisconsin winters. This project is also special to me because it's the first adult-sized garment that I knit with my own handspun yarn.

What did you knit in 2014 that you are the most proud of? I would love to hear! 


Julie Crawford said…
you had lots of great FOs in 2014!! those booties are super cute, and I love that shoulder warmer, it looks so chic.
karisma said…
Quite an impressive FO list. Well done on the shawl, it is absolutely stunning. Love the little bootees too. Very cute!
karen said…
what a lovely recap of your knitting year. I remember all of the knits but not the booties...they are cute too!!

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