2015 Garden Plan

Over the weekend I prepped the garden for another growing season. After weeding, I raked the soil all nice and pretty and Christian pounded in my new row stakes which my brother made for my birthday.

In the foreground (from left-right and front to back) you can see our rhubarb, lemon balm and sage (which both look dead but hopefully aren't), chives, tanzies, alluim, and a dead thyme plant. Oh yeah, there's also a row of garlic in there!

I planted a few cold-weather crops in the rows with the new stakes: Early Blood Turnip Beets, Lacinato Kale, Salad Bowl Lettuce, Ella Kropf Lettuce, Mesclun Mix, Dwarf Gray Sugar Peas, and Burpeeana Early Snap Peas.

Nights are still in the 30's here so I'll have to wait a bit longer before planting anything else. This year I bought some of my seeds as well as tomato and pepper transplant from Seed Savers Exchange. Christian and I visited their Heritage Farm in Decorah, Iowa a few summers ago. What a cool place!

Here's my master plan for this year's garden:

So much potential! We'll see what happens...


Julie Crawford said…
holy smoke,s that is a seriously awesome garden plan you've got going on there! It's going to be amazing. Looking forward to updates through the summer!
erin kate said…
uhh wow you are so organized!! it looks like its going to be perfect !
fjord girl said…
This looks so good- where did you get the template- did you make this yourself?
I bet your garden will be amazing, Kelly!

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