Be kind.

I've been thinking a lot about kindness lately. A local hooligan in a jacked-up red pickup truck has been terrorizing us. When we are outside the kid will drive by and yell things at us, peel out down the road, rev his engine, etc. We've had our mailbox smashed twice in the past two weeks and he drove down into our ditch and ripped up our lawn while Christian was watching out the kitchen window.

The mailboxes could have been smashed by anyone but we're guessing it was the same guy. This morning I had a nightmare that he smashed my Prius during the night. Ripped off a door, broke the windshield, etc. Clearly, my subconscious is telling me that I'm afraid of this punk. I hate that he's gotten into my head. 

But the real question is, why is he doing this to us? We just want to mind our own business and enjoy our quiet life in the country. We are nice people. So, every time something new happens, I keep asking WHY??!! I just don't understand. 

We need more kindness in the world. There's enough bad things happening that we can't control but we can control how we treat others. And we can start making a better world by being kind.

This saying was in our church bulletin. How timely and fitting!


Julie Crawford said…
oh, that is so upsetting. It is really hard to remember when someone is doing something so unreasonable that they clearly are suffering, and suffering so much that they are lashing out in unhealthy ways at strangers. But as good as it is to keep some perspective and try to rise above it, I hope you have notified your local police and filed some reports. Just because he is obviously in some sort of pain doesn't mean he has the right to terrorize you or your family.
NinnyNoodleNoo said…
How awful! I hope this stops soon :(
Adrian Cotter said…
That sounds terrible. I hope he's gone away, or been caught, or at least explained himself.

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