A New Batch of Mushrooms

My old mushroom totems were no longer producing so this year I started a new batch. Growing mushrooms is a many-month process. Back in May Christian cut down a poplar tree from my parent's land that would become the new totems.

A trunk diameter of 10-12" inches is ideal. I picked a poplar because it would work for both the oyster mushrooms and the box elder mushrooms.

After preparing the totems (cutting into sections, sprinkling on spawn) they are wrapped up in garbage bags for a few months. (The oysters were ready this week but the box elders have to sit in the bag until October.)

And this is what the totems look like when you open the bag all those months later:

The wood is covered in a spongy fungus! One by one I hauled the totem sections into the old silo.

And now we wait some more! If the temperature and moisture levels are good, we might luck out and get our first harvest this fall.


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