Northern Lights at the Farm

Christian called at 4:56 this morning to let me know that he could see the Northern Lights during his drive in to work. I went out into the driveway and sure enough - there they were! I went back in the house to throw on some more clothes and grab the camera and tripod. Trudged through the wet grass to the north side of the garden and set up for a few shots. The sky looked mostly pale green with just a hint of pink. I set the camera lens to be open as long as it could, turned on the timer, then pressed the button. 20 seconds passed then an image showed up on the screen. I was shocked. I really didn't think it was going to work having never attempted a night shot before. The camera managed to intensify all the colors! Within 10 minutes the show was completely over. Glad it was a "good" phone call this morning and not another "I hit a deer" call.

Northern Lights and the Big Dipper
Waning Northern Lights, the Moon, and the Rising Sun


Adrian Cotter said…
gorgeous! the only time i've seen the aurora borealis was from a transatlantic flight -- I spent half the flight huddled under a blanket, watching an eerie ghost green sheets float above the horizon
Judy Trull said…
I can't believe they were that brilliant. Gorgeous!
fjord girl said…
Stunning- nice capture.
CraftyHope said…
Amazing! I don't live anywhere near where I would be able to see them. I'm so glad you got the call and was able to share the experience with us!
Thank you!
karen said…
that is something I would love to see in real life one day, I love what you snapped and how nice he gave you a heads up!!
Julie Crawford said…
oh my gosh, that is SO beautiful and amazing!!! I have always wanted to see the northern lights. I'd' get up any time of the night to see something as magical and mystical as that. You took great photos!

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