Lately: October Edition

This past month we've been trying to wrap up outside projects before the snow flies. We converted a huge area of lawn to no-mow grass. (No-mow grass stays short and only needs to be cut twice a year.) This involved killing the old grass, tilling up the sod, raking out the dirt, putting down no-mow grass seed, and then covering the seed with erosion-control blankets or straw. Christian did the majority of the work but I have hours upon hours invested in the project as well. Grass is just starting to poke up through the first area that we planted. What a relief! 

I was finally able to move the new Box Elder mushroom totems from the barn into the silo. (They've been sitting for 6 months!) This is a new variety of mushroom for me and I was surprised that the totems weren't completely covered in the fungus like the Oyster mushroom totems were. I hope they'll grow! The other strange thing was that I already had a few mushrooms sprouting on the totems. 

I tried something new in the garden this year: cover crops! The ground was very compact where I used to grow strawberries so I densely seeded that area with tillage radish. The carrot-like root will help break up the soil. The plants will die when winter sets in and then fertilize the soil. What a cool concept!

Speaking of root crops, check out this Franken-carrot I dug out of the garden. (We ate it a few hours later a-la-shepherd's pie.)

And lastly, the project that never ends:

I honestly don't even know how many years this project has been going on. It all started when we poured concrete over a section of our basement that still had a dirt floor. Actually, that's not even what started it. A radon test that came back with high levels started it. The field stone walls of the cellar entrance were crumbling so we had new walls built at the same time the concrete was poured. Then we needed to buy a new door to go over the hole. We didn't like the one from Menard's so we had one custom made. In the meantime, a frame had to be built over the hole to hold the new door. This is when we discovered that the new walls were not built square to the house. I don't know how many times we've had to lift the big-ass, heavy as all get-out, metal door frame onto this hole to work on getting the fit right. Now the door just needs to be painted and placed back over the hole and I think (dear Lord, I hope) this project will finally be done. 

Do you have any never-ending projects at your place? I'm sure we're not the only ones...


karen said…
we completely painted the main level for the wedding this past summer. That was huge for us and now we will wait another ten years to do it again (ha ha). LOVE your carrot, quite original.
Liz said…
You guys have been busy and working hard! Your projects all look like ones that will pay off for years and be well worth the effort. We always have too many projects going on and I can completely relate to the feeling that some will never end. Hope that door gets off your plate soon!

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