My Birthday Adventure - Biking the Ahnapee

Last week I turned 34 so we went on a little adventure to celebrate. October was a rough month for us and it felt so good to get away for a day to do something fun together.

We loaded the bikes on the car and drove to southern Door County where we would start our ride on the Ahnapee State Trail. The Ahnapee is a 48-mile Wisconsin Rail Trail that runs from Sturgeon Bay to Kewaunee. 

48 miles is too far for me to bike in a day so we decided to bike just a section of the trail from Maplewood to Algoma and back - about 20 miles total. Maplewood doesn't have a trailhead but I emailed the town clerk ahead of time and she suggested we park at the town hall just down the road from the trail so that's what we did!

The trail from Maplewood to Forestville was mostly through agricultural land. We passed through a park in Forestville that had a nice, clean restroom (with pit toilets but they didn't stink) which was great because we both needed to blow our drippy noses due to the brisk air. The park was on a lake that had a very unique dam - one like I've never seen before.

The more interesting/scenic section of trail was from Forestville to Algoma. We passed through forests and rode alongside the meandering Ahnapee River. 

Once we reached Algoma, the trail kind of petered out as we rode into the city. Luckily I had printed out a map showing some of the city streets so we were able to find our way to downtown. I packed some sandwich wraps which enjoyed down by the harbor.

Next, we had "dessert" at the Ahnapee Brewery tap room which is in a garage of a house that has been converted into a nice little bar (max occupancy 30 people).


I had the Noble IPA and the Two Stall Chocolate Milk Stout both of which were delicious. Compared to some tap rooms we've been to, I think the beer was very reasonably priced.

After the brewery we headed next door to tour von Stiehl - Wisconsin's oldest licensed winery. The tour costs $4/person and you spend a fair amount of time outside - production/bottling is located in a separate building across the street. (Just a fair warning should you go in winter and don't really want to be walking around out in the cold.) The building that now houses the tasting room was built in the 1860's so it's pretty neat to tour even if you aren't really into wine. 

Christian carrying my loot after the tour. Good thing we were on bikes otherwise I would have bought more!

During the tour you get to go down into the rathskeller where cargo used to be unloaded from ships and then distributed via tunnels to other merchants in downtown Algoma. Today it's used for aging wine in barrels due to it's constant temperature. 

After the tour, of course we had to try some of the wines - you get 5 tastings for free regardless of whether you go on the tour or not. Christian is more of a beer guy (so am I, for that matter, but I do enjoy a good Cabernet Sauvignon) but our tour guide was awesome in finding wines that Christian enjoyed. They really have a large selection so I'm sure there's something for everyone's tastes.

Once we were "rehydrated" we hit the trail for home. Christian kept laughing at me because I was trying to take photos while riding yet avoid crashing.

Selfies are hard while riding a bike! LOL.

Ah. What a nice day! 34 years old and it's the first time I've ever biked on my birthday. I think it's going to be a good year.


Julie Crawford said…
oh my gosh, what a spectacular birthday adventure! Looks like you had some good weather, and how cool is that winery?! what a lovely birthday treat.
karen said…
happy birthday and it looks like you had a fun celebration! We toured a brewery near us and it was a lot of fun, and I don't drink!!

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