Snowshoeing at Navarino to a Porcupine Den

My friend, Nancy, led a local Sierra Club outing last weekend at Navarino Nature Center in east central Wisconsin. We could have used a little more snow but the sun was shining and temps were in the 20s - perfect weather for snowshoeing!

The highlight of the trip was visiting a porcupine den in a hollowed-out oak tree. 

"Is he in there?"
Better get a closer look... Watch out for all the poop!
There he is! Or his rear-end anyways.

Porcupines do not hibernate. On nice days they will come out of their den to feed on branches, pine needles, bark and such. I guess our guy was sleeping in because we were certainly there on a nice winter day!

After visiting the prickly fella, we took a shortcut through a hummock-y bog to catch up with a trail on the other side.

This was my first time snowshoeing at Navarino but I'm sure I'll be back. After all, there's 15,000 acres to explore!



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