Hiking Plover River Segment - IAT

Christian and I recently checked out a new-to-us segment of the Ice Age Trail. The Plover River Segment is about 45 minutes north of our farm and winds through the Plover River State Fishery Area. We've previously hiked (and loved) the Dells of the Eau Claire segment so I was excited to get on another part of the trail in that area.

source: www.iceagetrail.org

We started our hike at Sportsman Drive then went north to Highway 52. There we turned around and hiked back for a total of 5-6 miles. 

source: www.iceagetrail.org

As soon as we arrived at the trailhead I was kicking myself for not bringing our snowshoes. Our snow at home was completely gone and it never crossed my mind to bring them! Luckily, the snow was compact enough that we didn't post-hole too much.

The trail meandered through open fields and rolling hills. I can't wait to come back in the springtime and see this area bursting with life! I bet the forest floor is covered in wildflowers.

While we were in the Plover River SFA we actually saw very little of the river. At one point we crossed it on a rock bridge and another time on a foot log.

The sun was out in full-force and was quickly melting away the evidence of winter. We were down to t-shirts in no time!

Thanks to my friend Nancy's snowshoe outing, I know how to spot porcupine dens and I found one just off the trail! We could just make out the prickly fella hiding inside the hollowed out tree.

What a beautiful section of trail. I can't wait to go back and explore the area again. During our drive home we stopped at Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats retail shop. Hello free meat & cheese samples! And for dinner? We popped into the Rocks For Fun Cafe to get some pasties to go. (Now that is a unique place!) I've been wanting to check out those two places for a long time now so I'm happy to finally cross them off my list. Christian likes to stick with what is familiar and safe but I'm more into adventure and exploring the unknown. Since I was driving, we got to do what I wanted to do. :)


Julie Crawford said…
oh wow, such gorgeous weather and your hike looks like it was perfection! Winter days like that feel so special, because its' the best of both worlds.
great pictures. and you really have me curious and interesting in trying this section of the trail too. I loved that you found another porcupine den!
Jennifer said…
I loved this segment! You should definitely not miss north of 52 when the wildflowers are out.

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