Hike 100 NCT Challenge (Miles 18.9 to 30.4)

In celebration of the National Park Service's Centennial Anniversary, we are hiking 100 miles of the North Country Trail in 2016.

To read about our first 7.1 miles, click HERE.
To read about miles 7.1 to 18.9, click HERE.
Our third day of backpacking was, by far, the most scenic section of trail. Even though we've been to Pictured Rocks twice before we had never been to Beaver Creek and The Coves. What a treat! Unlike the previous day where we were pretty much at beach level, this section of trail skirted cliff edges high above Lake Superior. Finishing off our 11.5 mile day with Grand Portal Point and Mosquito Beach was the cherry on top.

Day 3 - Pine Bluff camp to Mosquito camp.
I slept in my puffy coat to stay warm - should have brought my warmer sleeping bag!
Footbridge over Beaver Creek.

Watching the waves crash into the cliffs.
Cool stairs on The Coves section. (Reminded us of the Smokies)
Grand Portal Point
Sunset at Mosquito Beach


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