Lately: June Edition

I harvested my first batch of Golden Oyster mushrooms on Sunday. We started the oyster totems last spring. We didn't get a fall crop so I was beginning to wonder if they took. 

Now I'm digging through my recipes wondering what to make with all of the mushrooms coming in! There's at least 5 more of these clusters that will be ready to pick this week.

Christian built me a raptor perch over the weekend. Our hope is to lure in hawks and owls for rodent control so we set it up near the garden and compost bin.

The perch is a 21-foot 3/4" galvanized steel pipe with a 2x4 piece of wood anchored to the top. The pipe is attached to a sturdy garden/fence stake that we pounded into the ground.

Speaking of the garden, here's my 2016 garden plan.

That's what's planned; we'll see what actually grows! The weeds are doing quite well. LOL.


Julie Crawford said…
I'm so impressed with your raptor perch, what a great idea!!I hope it works and that you have some feathery friends to come help control the rodents. And your garden plans are so amazing! I don;t think even my main floor of my condo is as big as your garden. ;)

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