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Building Trail with ABWF

The second half of our Montana vacation was spent volunteering with the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Foundation. We had never heard of the A-B Wilderness before and found this opportunity through

"The ABWF is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring people to protect and preserve Wilderness by developing their understanding and appreciation for the values and character of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness."

Our "inspiration" came in the form of a 4-day trail crew. The A-B Wilderness is located just to the north of Yellowstone National Park. We were working close to Nye, Montana (about an hour northwest of Red Lodge) in the Custer National Forest on the edge of the A-B Wilderness.

We met up with the other 5 members of the crew at the Old Nye fishing access. The road up into the mountains was a little too rough for our Prius so we hitched a ride in with crew-mate Jerry, an old friend from Green Bay who now lives in Montana.

We set up our ba…

Thursday Sunset

July 21, 2016 at 8:37 p.m.
Awesome cumulonimbus base clouds on the tail end of a storm rolling through.

Yarn Along: Ariana Ice & the Finished Autumn Leaves

I'm linking up with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

Knitting: Ariana Shirt
Trying something new: knitting myself a summery shirt. Yikes! This was my "car project" for the long drive out to Montana and back. I've tried it on multiple times, ripped back multiple times, and have made modifications so it fits my body better multiple times. Oy. Now I think I have it just perfect and there's only the many, many inches of stockinette to get through. 
Pattern: Ariana Shell by Kathryn Ashley-Wright
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Pima Silk in colorway 5134

Reading: Into Thin Air by John Krakauer
We finished this audiobook on our drive home from Montana and it's a good one! The author is hired by Outside Magazine to climb Everest and write a piece on the commercialization of the sport. (In 1996, when the book was written, anyone regardless of experience could pay approx. $65,000 to climb Everest.) Krakauer ends up being involved in one of the deadliest seasons in the history of th…

7 Days in Glacier National Park

Christian and I just returned from a 2-week vacation in Montana. The first portion of our trip was spent hiking in Glacier National Park. This was our third time visiting Glacier and, once again, it didn't disappoint! Here are a few highlights.

We met up with some MT locals as we were hiking up Two Medicine Pass and they invited us to climb the Painted Tepee with them. The Painted Tepee is in the background of the photo of the 2 of us. By "climb" I mean hike up. We didn't need ropes or anything crazy like that but it did take about 10 hours from when we set out down the trail to when we got back. Pretty amazing experience! (Side note: I burned the crap out of my legs on this hike. I forgot to put on sunscreen and paid the price. I had to wear pants the whole rest of the trip and now I have some crazy tan lines on my legs. Don't forget to wear your sunscreen, folks.)

We saw a Blue Grouse doing his mating dance. He had these crazy things on the side of his head …