Yarn Along: Ariana Ice & the Finished Autumn Leaves

I'm linking up with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

Knitting: Ariana Shirt
Trying something new: knitting myself a summery shirt. Yikes! This was my "car project" for the long drive out to Montana and back. I've tried it on multiple times, ripped back multiple times, and have made modifications so it fits my body better multiple times. Oy. Now I think I have it just perfect and there's only the many, many inches of stockinette to get through. 
Pattern: Ariana Shell by Kathryn Ashley-Wright
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Pima Silk in colorway 5134

Reading: Into Thin Air by John Krakauer
We finished this audiobook on our drive home from Montana and it's a good one! The author is hired by Outside Magazine to climb Everest and write a piece on the commercialization of the sport. (In 1996, when the book was written, anyone regardless of experience could pay approx. $65,000 to climb Everest.) Krakauer ends up being involved in one of the deadliest seasons in the history of the mountain. This book is his account of what went wrong. While I enjoy hiking in the mountains, I have zero interest in climbing peaks so high that you can't breathe or think straight. I found the book to be fascinating, horrifying and devastating all at the same time. 

FO: Autumn Leaves Baby Cardigan  I finished Baby Moriah's cardigan just in time to give it to her on her baptism day last Sunday. She's already grown so much in the 4 weeks since I last saw her so I'm sure she'll be just the right size to wear this cute little sweater once the cold weather rolls around. 
Pattern: Autumn Leaves by Nikki Van De Car
Yarn: Frabjous Fibers March Hare in colorway Cabbages Kings

What are you knitting/reading these days?


How lovely is that cardi! Love the pattern and the color you choose.
karen said…
your car driving knitting is pretty and bright! so cheerful, and your finished cardigan is delightful!!
Laura Boutin said…
The baby cardi is adorable. I read Into Think Air and it lead me down a path of obsession of reading about other expeditions in the high peaks. I would never undergo trying a climb like that (shudder) but I would love to just see Mt. Everest from a base camp.
CathieJ said…
That baby sweater is so pretty. Of course, so is that gorgeous sweater that you are making it for yourself. I really like that yellow color.
Julie Crawford said…
gorgeous green cardi, I love it! And that yellow top looks amazing.

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