Garden Update: How Quickly Things Grow!

Before we left for vacation in Montana, Christian and I spent a lot of time de-weeding the garden. We didn't have anyone come over to look after it while we were gone so we made sure it was in good shape when we left and then crossed our fingers. Thankfully, we had warm weather with lots of rain. I was shocked by how much the garden grew. 

Here is what the garden looked like when we left:

And 3 weeks later:

Corn stalks are taller than my head. Sunflowers are blooming. We have zucchini and beans up the wazoo. Tomatoes have climbed to the top of their cages. Garlic was harvested last night. Incredible! 

We planted annual rye grass as a cover crop in between the rows this year to help keep the weeds down and fix nitrogen. That is the bright green "grass" you see all over in the garden. It's working well!

Every year I try to grow one thing that I've never grown before. This year I tried bok choy. What do you think - a success? 


karen said…
now that is one very successful bok choy which I love to eat!!
Julie Crawford said…
that is the biggest bok choy I've ever seen!! I love bok choy, that would be delicious. I wonder if you can freeze some of it?

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