Hike 100 NCT Challenge (Miles 44.9 to 50.6)

In celebration of the National Park Service's Centennial Anniversary, we are hiking 100 miles of the North Country Trail in 2016. 

To add another chunk of miles to our Hike 100 challenge, we set off on a 4-day backpacking trip in Porcupine Mountains State Park in upper Michigan. We've been backpacking in the Porkies almost every autumn for the last 10 years and it felt so good to be back on her rugged and muddy trails. As we've done in the past, we stayed in a different rustic wilderness cabin each night because sleeping in a tent this time of year can be miserable - chilly wind coming off Lake Superior, rain, snow, short days and cold nighttime temps. Because we were trying to get more miles racked up on the NCT, we started our hike from a different trailhead than we've used in the past which, in turn, led us to stay in two new-to-us cabins. 

Day 1 - Lily Pond Trailhead to Section 17 cabin. (5.7 miles total)
Setting off down the Lily Pond Trail

Our private bridge over the Little Carp River which leads to the Section 17 cabin

Section 17 cabin

The bare necessities
Filtering water from the Little Carp


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