Hike 100 NCT Challenge (Miles 60.9 to 65.1)

In celebration of the National Park Service's Centennial Anniversary, we are hiking 100 miles of the North Country Trail in 2016. 

On our third day of backpacking in the Porkies we had to retrace our steps 4.2 miles back to the Little Carp River. The rest of our hiking for the day is not included in the Hike 100 challenge because we weren't on the North Country Trail. Bummer - because those were some hard miles! The Lake Superior trail got hit hard this year - a flood that dropped 9" of rain in one day followed by a tornado 10 days later. Needless to say, the trail was a mess. Instead of 10 miles, I felt like we had hiked 20.

Day 3 - Speaker's cabin to Buckshot cabin (10.4 miles total)
The July flood washed away the bridge over the Big Carp River.
But Mother Nature provided two perfectly-placed downed trees over the Big Carp for crossing.
The Lake Superior Trail weaves from rocky shoreline to high, forested ridges.
Picking our way through the tornado area.
Finally - we made it to Buckshot cabin! Then we got to work collecting and cutting firewood.
A pretty sunset followed by...
The Northern Lights! What a perfect way to end a hard day of backpacking.


DC said…
Wow! You're fantastically lucky to see the northern lights. Even for the 10 years I lived up there, I rarely saw them. I also had a good chuckle over the Big Carp bridge -- I think that washes out just about every year. Seems like a prime location for a bigger, Little Carp style bridge.

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