Hike 100 NCT Challenge (Miles 65.1 to 67.6)

In celebration of the National Park Service's Centennial Anniversary, we are hiking 100 miles of the North Country Trail in 2016. 

Our last day of backpacking in the Porkies was much like the previous day in that we put on a lot of miles but only a few of them counted toward the Hike 100 challenge. We had an ambitious itinerary - going up and over both major ridges in the park - but we've done it in the past and knew we could handle it. In fact, day 4 ended up being much easier than day 3 even with all of the elevation gain and longer miles. Good trail counts for a lot. This is the first backpacking trip where I wasn't ready to come out of the woods, take a hot shower and get a burger and beer. 

Day 4 - Buckshot cabin to Mirror Lake then back to the car at Lily Pond trailhead (about 12.5 miles total)
Awesome fall colors at Lake of the Clouds overlook.
The requisite photo where we got engaged 7 years ago.
A favorite section of trail - a deep gorge on the way to Mirror Lake.
Lunch break at Mirror Lake - we had to sit away from the shoreline because of a chilly wind.
At trail's end.
We had to laugh when we saw the parking lot - not a very popular trailhead, apparently.


Julie Crawford said…
that is so amazing, the colours look fantastic for your hike! And that gorge is stunning. Probably for the best that the parking lot was so empty- it's nicer to hike on your own, anyway. ;)

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