Yarn Along: Striped Apolonia

I'm linking up with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

Knitting FO: Striped Shawl
I just finished this striped shawl. The ombre yarn that changes from peach to pink to lavender is one that I dyed myself. I've been wanting to see how my ombre yarns knit up so this is a sample. 

Kind of a fun pattern in that you start with one skein (in my case the charcoal color) and knit with only that color for awhile. Then you add in another yarn and switch off every 6 rows. When you run out of the first color, you continue on with the 2nd until your run out of that one too. And then your shawl is done!

I like to wear a shawl more like a cowl and this one looks pretty cool when it's all bunched up. Super cozy!
Pattern: Striped Scarf by Hiromi Sakurai (free on Rav) 
Mods: Switched from Sport weight to Worsted
Yarn: Cascade 220 Worsted in colorway Charcoal Gray and my own hand-dyed ombre yarn.

Reading: Apolonia by Jamie McGuire
This book has gotten very mixed reviews on Goodreads. People either love it or hate it. Halfway through the book, I'm in the "love it" category. It reads like a young adult book but I don't think it technically is. A little science fiction, mystery and romance to keep things interesting. 

Rory is a college student whose family was recently murdered. She was supposed to die but she didn't. (Part of the mystery) She spends her free time working for Dr. Z as a research assistant recording data on a strange specimen. (The science fiction element) Another student, Cy, is hired on to help and she finds herself drawn to him. But fellow classmate, Benji, keeps trying to woo Rory even though they have nothing in common. (And the romance)

What are you knitting/reading this week?


karen said…
good golly that is one gorgeous shawl!!! you outdid yourself and you look quite beautiful in it :)

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